A Bamboo Laptop Cooler? Yes it Does Exist!

Bamboo Laptop Cooler

Bamboo Laptop Cooler

I never thought I would see this, but there is a growing trend in Bamboo Laptop Coolers. Bamboo is not a particularly effective transmitter of heat, and it is not one of the strongest materials. The good news however is that Bamboo is very light, fairly cheap and unlike plastic and metal, it is an eco friendly renewable green resource.

There are a variety of bamboo laptop coolers out there, and there is a huge difference in quality out there. The best ones I have found are Macally laptop coolers.

For instance the Macally ECOFANPRO. This green friendly laptop cooler has three heaight settings, two 70mm fans, and a thermal coating which helps transfer heat, despite the material of construction.

The Macally ECOFANPRO will never win any awards for laptop cooling performance or low noise levels.  If you are wanting to cut down that carbon footprint, and maybe cut down on petroleum use.

If you have a standard laptop then this laptop cooler will do an adequate job. If you want silent laptop cooling, or you have a high powered laptop, then this may not be for you.

One thing I do love about the Bamboo laptop coolers out there is how they look, I have always liked the natural look, and this reverses the trend for high tech styled laptop cooling accessories.

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