Antec USB Laptop Cooler

I have put off giving the Antec USB Laptop Cooler it’s own dedicated review for quite a long time now. I have done this simply because there really is nothing that special about it.

Despite this, the Antec USB laptop cooler is one of the best selling products on the market, simply because it is both cheap and a good ‘all around’ accessory for your laptop computer.

Antec USB Laptop Cooler

Antec USB Laptop Cooler

It is fairly easy to summarize this no-frills device. It is a decent looking, portable, quiet laptop cooler that is perfect for people who need some extra cooling, without any significant cost.  These features have made it a popular business laptop cooler, but also make it suitable for many home users.

The structure of the  Antec USB laptop cooler is definitely sturdy.  It’s well built plastic frame and aluminum build make it a device that is built to last, and the large number of airflow holes make sure that airflow is not compromised in the process.

Inside the frame there are two 70mm fans.  These provide an average amount of airflow that is not really suitable for heavily overheating or high end laptop computers, but is fine for your average user.

The annoying thing about the Antec USB laptop cooler is simply it’s lack of functionality. While it has high/low fan settings, there is no sign of a USB pass through port or hub, adjustable height settings, or other little extras that make notebook coolers more functional accessories.

Despite this, for people who just want a low cost adequate laptop cooler the Antec USB is a great solution.

If you are more a fan of games, or use a high end powerful laptop computer at work, you might want to consider looking at a Zalman laptop cooler, or the Cooler Master Storm SF19.

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