Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200 Laptop Cooler

Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200

Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200


Two of the most popular laptop coolers that I have reviewed have to be the Zalman NC3000U and the Antec 200 laptop cooler. These two laptop coolers have a lot in coming, but people often find themselves having a hard time decided which of these notebook coolers is actually best for them.

To help people decide which of these laptop cooling accessories they should choose, I will be breaking down the features of the Zalman NC3000U and the Antec 200 in a side by side comparisson!

If you want to find out more about these laptops you can find some amazing Antec notebook coolers and Zalman notebook cooler reviews!

Laptop Cooler Reviews – Zalman NC3000 vs Antec 200

Looks – Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200

To start this off I will go over one of the most basic features of these two laptop coolers, looks. One of the biggest differences is that the Zalman NC3000 and the Antec 200 look vastly different, and one may appeal, while the other may not.

The Zalman NC3000 for isntance has a sleek, professional design. It would not look out of place in an office, and it is perfect for those who love an efficient style.

Antec 200 Laptop Cooler Review

Antec 200 Laptop Cooler Review

The Antec 200 is a little bit more high tech looking, and definitely for those who like a moer futuristic look.  The Blue LED light and overall design certainly make it look a little more advanced than it’s competitor.

Structure Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200

The structures of the Zalman NC3000U and Antec 200 notebook cooler are also pretty different. Both of these notebook coolers are however more than capable of handling large notebook coolers up to 19 inches in size.

The Zalman has a 3mm thich aluminum frame, perfect for dissipating heat, and surviving bumps and drops. This makes the Zalman NC3000U sturdy and lightweight, perfect for those who want a portable laptop cooler.

The Antec 200 laptop cooler on the other hand has a plastic frame. While this is cheaper and lighter than ALuminum, it does make the Antec 200 a little less effective and a little more prone to damage.

Fans – Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200

The fans in both the Zalman NC3000U and Antec 200 are high quality, however the Zalman’s fan does beat the Antec fan significantly.

The Zalman NC3000U has a 220mm fan, as opposed to the 200mm fan in the Antec 200, and Zalman’s fan also has a longer lifespan, and higher RPM, all while being a little bit quieter. This is not to say that the Zalman NC3000U is better because of it’s fan, you will be paying a little bit more on the price tag for the higer quality fan.  For some though, an extra few dollars now will save more dollars down the road.

Utility – Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200

Unfortunately the Zalman NC3000U beats the Antec 200 hands down on utility.

The Antec 200 might bring a blue light to the table, but it does not even provide a USB pass through port, and only a 2 speed fan toggle.

The Zalman NC3000U on the other hand has a variable fan speed wheel, an on off switch, a power indicator light and a 4 port USB hub, which is compatible with a power adapter (sold seperately).

This makes the Zalman an easy decision for those who need a little bit more than just a laptop cooler, especially if you continually run short on USB space!

Price Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200 Laptop Cooler

The Antec 200 notebook cooler does beat the Zalman NC3000U on price, but it is a close call, and you will often find better deals on the Zalman NC3000U which actually beat the price of the Antec 200.

Conclusion on NC3000U Vs Antec 200 Laptop Coolers

Choosing between these notebook coolers is not that easy, a lot of it comes down to personal style. Technically the benefits of the Zalman NC3000U far outweigh the Antec 200 notebook cooler, and as the Zalman NC3000U drops in price, the choice is becoming increasingly easy. For some people however the Antec 200 is a great looking accessory, and since you will be using this notebook cooler for years to come, you definitely want to make sure that you buy a notebook cooler that you are comfortable with.