Do I Need a Macbook Cooler?

Mac’s are great for designers, musicians and artists. They combine great aesthetics with high performance, but this comes with a cost. Macbooks can get hot, real hot, and this heat can commonly generate hard drive errors and more, which is the last thing you need when you use your work for time consuming projects, especially those which you are doing for clients.

Whether you use your Macbook for school, work, or fun, a hard drive failure can be devastating.  The good news is, they can be avoided relatively easily just by using a laptop cooler.

Finding out if you need additional cooling for your laptop is insanely easy, just hold your hand against different places on the base.  If you feel somewhere that is hot to the touch, it is slowly damaging your computer from the inside.  If the base is painful to the touch after a few seconds, your laptop is likely to fail within six months because of a heat related issue.

So do you need a Macbook cooler?

There is a good chance you do if you use your MacBook for intensive purposes, heavy media, image rendering and the like.  If you use it for lighter use, emails etcetera, then you may be able to get away without using one.

My advice is to always use a laptop cooler, no matter what you use it for, or what kind of laptop you have. It helps prolong your laptop lifespan, and can save you from data loss.

How to Make a Solar Powered Laptop Cooler

Whether you want to conserve your laptop battery, or you are trying to reduce your home power usage, a solar powered laptop cooler sounds like a fantastic idea.  The downside is that nobody actually makes one.

The good news is that any laptop cooler can be turned in to a solar powered laptop cooler, simply by using a cheap 5V solar powered USB charger. These cheap devices generally cost around $30 and can charge your iPohne, MP3 player or camera as well as pwoer your laptop cooler!

To make a solar powered laptop cooler you can really use any of the best laptop coolers available, and simply insert the USB cord in to the solar charger, rather than your laptop!

This sounds too quick, too easy, but the honest truth is that it really is that simple.

Just remember, for this to work effective you really need good sunlight, if you work in a room that has poor light, or live somewhere that is not really that sunny, a solar powered laptop cooler is never going to work particularly well.

Silent or Powerful Laptop Cooler?

antec-200 laptop cooler

antec-200 laptop cooler

When it comes to choosing between a silent laptop cooler or a powerful laptop cooler you really only have to ask yourself how you use your laptop.

If for instance you like to play games on your laptop, then a powerful notebook cooler is more than likely the best way to go.  If on the other hand you work on your laptop a lot, then you might find a silent laptop cooler more fitting for your needs.

There are of course other factors which you should take in to consideration when you buy a laptop cooler, for instance the reliability and construction of a notebook cooler can also be highly important.  The best laptop coolers tend to have an aluminum frame, rather than a plastic construction, and high quality fans inside to provide powerful but quiet laptop cooling.

Of course trying to decide between a silent or powerful laptop cooler can be a hard, but needless choice.  The Zalman notebook cooler range for instance incorporates fantastic high powered cooling and combines it with some near silent quiet notebook cooler fans.  This great package gives you the best of both worlds!