Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim It’s no secret nowadays that having a laptop cooler is one of the most essential accessories you can buy for your laptop.  It improves your laptops performance, reduces temperatures and increases the effective life of your laptop.

Unfortunately, for those who live work and play on the move, carrying around this bulky accessory simply isn’t possible.

The good news is that Cooler Master have come to the rescue, with the insanely thin Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim!

Though it’s large enough to support a 17 inch laptop, the design of this lightweight laptop cooler is focused on portability. Right down to the USB pass through port and cable grooves, this accessory has been cleverly designed to be as functional as possible for those who need a portable laptop cooler.

Though it’s lightweight, this cooler is surprisingly sturdy, and can survive the day to day jostle it may encounter when it’s slipped in to your laptop bag!

This laptop cooler is only 1.5 lb in weight and around 46mm high, even at it’s highest setting. Meanwhile a large 160mm fan provides a constant strong and quiet airflow to help keep your laptop cool!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a laptop cooler for your Mac or PC, this will keep your notebook computer safe!

Cooler Master NotePal LapAir

Cooler Master NotePal LapAir

Cooler Master NotePal LapAirThe Cooler Master NotePal LapAir brings a refreshing change of pace to the laptop cooler race.  Whilst most developers are quickly striving for more power, speed, size and cooling ability, the Cooler Master LapAir takes a step back and provides a laptop cooler that is designed for comfortable home use.

The first thing you notice about this laptop cooler is it’s light weight, and sturdy feel. Though it doesn’t weigh much, it doesn’t feel cheap.  The second thing I noticed as I sat down on my couch was that the foam base really does make this incredibly comfortable to use, and with adjustable height settings, it is ergonomically correct anywhere around the home.

I was disappointed to see no provisions had been made for a mouse pad, but you cant have it all!

When it comes to the performance of this laptop cooler, don’t expect miracles, while it was nice to see Cooler Master added a heat sink to the fan, its still only a single 80mm silent fan, and has limited power behind it.

In truth, this laptop cooler is not made for the gamers or the silence cravers of many other products in the industry, instead it fills a niche, the niche of people who have burned out laptops on their bed sheets, those who slouch on the couch and catch up on Facebook after work,  it is in fact the ultimate ‘home’ laptop cooler for the casual individual.

On top of that, you have a USB pass through port and this cooler can support up to 17 Inch laptops in size. This does mean that the laptop cooler might feel a little too large if you have a 13 inch net book, but suits most mainstream laptop sizes perfectly.

I would recommend it if you are looking for a home laptop cooler, a utility cooler, and not something for your office or for gaming.  It works well, comes at a cheap price, and handles general home laptop use with ease!

Thermaltake Massive 23 LX

Thermaltake Massive 23 LX

Thermaltake Massive 23 LX

Thermaltake Massive 23 LX

When it comes to BIG laptop coolers, the Thermaltake Massive 23 LX definitely has all the bases covered. Incase the name didn’t give it away, the key feature of the Thermaltake Massive23 LX is it’s size. It is, to put it bluntly, huge, and will hold nearly any larger laptop with ease.

While it’s size is huge, the rest of it is also surprisingly well put together, but despite it all, it’s cooling is still only average.  The large fan is great for silence, and this is a quiet laptop cooler, but performance-wise, most people only report a temperature drop of about 5 degrees.  This makes this more of a ‘casual’ laptop cooler, than a gamers laptop cooler, despite it’s size.

But lets get down to basics.

The structure of the Thermaltake massive23 LX is much larger than most, and it’s wide base makes sure that widescreen laptops don’t have any overhang.  The metal mesh stretched over the fan is great for heat dispersal, and the carrying handles make this fairly portable despite it’s size. This laptop cooler can easily support a widescreen 17 inch widescreen laptop, and I used it with a 19 inch widescreen laptop with only a small amount of overhang.

The fan is large, backlit, and silent.  Unfortunately, along with many others, the actual airflow seemed a little low.  While this is fine for more casual laptop users, hardcore gamers may feel a little disappointed.

Additional features include a switch for the backlight, an on/off switch, two USB ports and a USB storage drawer. There is no fan speed wheel, which is kind of a let down, but the rest of the features are great.

All in all this laptop cooler doesn’t really win any awards in any particular category, and yet it’s great ‘all around-ness’ actually makes t perfect for those who are not entirely sure what kind of laptop cooler is best for them.

So if you are on the fence, not sure what you need, so don’t want to spend too much, this is might be the perfect laptop cooler for you!

Antec USB Laptop Cooler

Antec USB Laptop Cooler

I have put off giving the Antec USB Laptop Cooler it’s own dedicated review for quite a long time now. I have done this simply because there really is nothing that special about it.

Despite this, the Antec USB laptop cooler is one of the best selling products on the market, simply because it is both cheap and a good ‘all around’ accessory for your laptop computer.

Antec USB Laptop Cooler

Antec USB Laptop Cooler

It is fairly easy to summarize this no-frills device. It is a decent looking, portable, quiet laptop cooler that is perfect for people who need some extra cooling, without any significant cost.  These features have made it a popular business laptop cooler, but also make it suitable for many home users.

The structure of the  Antec USB laptop cooler is definitely sturdy.  It’s well built plastic frame and aluminum build make it a device that is built to last, and the large number of airflow holes make sure that airflow is not compromised in the process.

Inside the frame there are two 70mm fans.  These provide an average amount of airflow that is not really suitable for heavily overheating or high end laptop computers, but is fine for your average user.

The annoying thing about the Antec USB laptop cooler is simply it’s lack of functionality. While it has high/low fan settings, there is no sign of a USB pass through port or hub, adjustable height settings, or other little extras that make notebook coolers more functional accessories.

Despite this, for people who just want a low cost adequate laptop cooler the Antec USB is a great solution.

If you are more a fan of games, or use a high end powerful laptop computer at work, you might want to consider looking at a Zalman laptop cooler, or the Cooler Master Storm SF19.

Cooler Master X Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Slim Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Slim Laptop Cooler

I don’t often give much thought to cheap laptop coolers simply because they are not usually very good. The Cooler Master X Slim laptop cooler on the other hand is not only cheap, but it is also ultra thin, highly portable ,and surprisingly high quality.

These great features alone make this an ideal portable cooler for laptops, probably the best. Before you get too excited though, the thin portability does come with a few downsides!

To start with it’s large frame can easily hold a 17 inch laptop, while it does not have the most efficient cooling design, it is more than enough for most laptops.

Inside the frame there is a slim 160mm fan that is very quiet, but still shifts a decent amount of air.   The fan works surprisingly well, but it may not be enough if your laptop generates a lot of heat, or you use it for gaming.

Feature wise the first thing you will notice is the design.  It has plenty of space to store USB cables, and has two height settings to give you a little ergonomic benefit. The USB cable also includes a USB pass through port so you don’t lose valuable USB space on your laptop.

All in all the Cooler Master X Slim is one of the best laptop coolers on the market for those who really value portability. while this will never really compete with more powerful laptop coolers in terms of performance, the Cooler Master X Slim makes up for that with it’s quiet yet solid performance.

Cooler Master Note Pal U Series

Cooler Master Note Pal U1/U2/U3

The Cooler Master Note Pal U Series of laptop coolers is designed with cost and simplicity in mind.

Cooler Master Note Pal U Series

Cooler Master Note Pal U Series

When I first looked at the Cooler Master Note Pal U3 laptop cooler I have to admit my first thoughts were ‘this is it?’

A basic metal frame housing a few fans, there didn’t seem to be very much here for me to review.  A few minutes later though, I began to realize that despite the lack of functionality, the Cooler Master U Series is not actually designed with functionality in mind, instead it has been designed for simplicity and cost effectiveness. Despite how often words like this secretly hide poor design and unreliable components, the Cooler Master U Series seems to be fairly high quality, and very well designed.

But before I get ahead of myself, lets cover the basics.  The Cooler Master U Series comes in three forms.

Cooler Master U1 Laptop Cooler

The Cooler Master U1 is designed for laptops up to 14 inches in size and has one cooling fan powering it.

Cooler Master U2 Laptop Cooler

The Cooler Master U2 is designed for laptops up to 17 inches in size and has two fans powering it.

Cooler Master U3 Laptop Cooler

The Cooler Master U3 is the big daddy, supporting laptops up to 19 inches in size, and with three fans providing copious amounts of airflow!

Cooler Master U Series Laptop Cooler Review

Now that I have the brief description of the small differences in the series out of the way, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The Cooler Master U Series laptop coolers are very simplistic at first glance, a thin aluminum frame houses one to three fans.  The aluminum frame helps dissipate heat away from your computer’s hotspots.

What is particularly unique about these Cooler Master laptop coolers is that the fans can easily be positioned in different areas underneath the laptop cooler, this helps to ensure the airflow is where you need it to be. Adjustable fan positions are a rare and unique feature in laptop coolers, which is surprising since they really do help you get the very best laptop cooling per fan.

The fans which come with the Cooler Master U Series are average 80mm fans.  These are more than sufficient enough for most people, but it might not be enough for gaming laptops, or people who are looking for silent running fans.

The Cooler Master U Series also comes with an adjustable clip on fan speed controller, this also helps keep the cables tidy and will allow you to position your laptop cooler wire right by a spare USB port.

While in some ways the Cooler Master U Series laptop cooler is fantastic, it’s lack of features such as a USB pass through port may be an issue to some.  The thin frame does also feel a little flimsy when compared to many of it’s more sturdy brethren.

Despite these minor drawbacks the Cooler Master U Series is a fantastic set of laptop coolers that is extremely low cost considering the flexibility and quality it provides

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

The Logitech N700 is the latest laptop cooler to be released be released by one of the most stylish computer accessory providers in the world.

The Logitech N700 is not just a laptop cooler. To begin with it is well designed to sit on your lap, which slips it in to the ‘lap desk’ sub category.  But what really makes the Logitech N700 special is it’s two high quality speakers built in to the frame. Logitech is well known for providing quality audio accessories, and the Logitech N700 Lapdesk is no exception.

The actual cooling capability of the Logitech N700 speaker lapdesk is a little sub-par compared to many other laptop coolers.  This makes it unsuitable for extremely hot laptops.

The good news is that for most average laptops the N700 provides an amazing combination of flexibile use around the home, and much improved audio sound.

The utility of the Logitech N700 comes from it’s padded base.  This means you can use your laptop on your lap, on your bed, or even on the floor without worrying about your airvents becoming blocked, and fans becoming damaged.

The Logitech N700 looks great, and while it looks fantastic on all laptops, it’s sleek curves make it particularly ideal for Macbooks, perfect for those who want a Macbook cooler.

Argus Lap Chill Mat Laptop Cooler

Targus Lap Chill Mat Laptop Cooler

Argus Lap Chill Mat Laptop Cooler

Argus Lap Chill Mat Laptop Cooler

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is a simple but effective laptop cooler, especially designed to allow you to use your laptop on your lap, no matter where you are! It helps achieve this with a soft neoprene base which keeps things comfortable whether you are working or playing.

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is fairly standard internally. It has dual cooling fans which provide adequate airflow and cooling for most laptops, although these fans do not match up to some of their competitors for noise levels or reliability.

While the Targus Lap Chill Mat may be a fairly standard laptop cooler, it’s useful design and reasonable price make this a great choice for people who are looking for a basic laptop cooling solution without a high quality price tag.

One other thing worth mentioning is that the Targus laptop cooler, while not using the most long lasting fans, does seem to be built to withstand being dropped occasionally on the floor, which is an important bonus for any tool which will be primarily rested on your lap.

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

Top 3 Macbook Coolers

Macs are fast becoming one of the most popular personal laptops in the world. They look good, they are easy to use, and plus, you have geniuses instead of mere technicians ready to fix your computer at a moments notice. Unfortunately overheating Macbooks are just as common as laptops, and with laptops such as the Macbook Air, which are much thinner than standard laptops, Macbook coolers are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Three Best Macbook Coolers

The good news is that there are some fantastic laptop coolers for Macs out there which will help keep your laptop cool even during the hottest of summers, with the thinnest of Macbooks!

I will be bringing you three fantastic Macbook coolers which look good with your Mac, and help keep your computer safe from overheating issues, which include

  • Slower performance
  • Errors
  • Loss of data
  • Hardware Failure

A simple $30 – $70 investment could help prevent all of these issues, keeping your Macbook running fast and safe!

Logitech N700 (or N100) Macbook Cooler

The Logitech N700 is a great 17 inch laptop cooler combined with some fantastic Logitech speakers to give you high quality sound, as well as acooler laptop.  While the Logitech N700 is fine for Macbook cooling, it is not the most powerful laptop cooler on the market. On the other hand, the Logitech N700 is well designed for resting on the bed, or in other areas around the home where your laptops air vents may otherwise become blocked.

The Logitech N700 also comes in the form of the N100, which does not have the speakers, but is the same in nearly every other respects!

One thing I do like about the Logitech N700 is how unobtrusive it is. The curved stylings fit in very well with my Macbook, and the internal fan runs very quietly, which is good news for those who use their laptop to surf the web or work.

The Logitech N700 is well designed for someone who uses their laptop around the home, whether you want to chill out on your bed and check your email, or watch a movie.

Belkin F5L028 Macbook Cooler

The Belkin F5L028 might not have the easiest name to remember, but it is a good looking Macbook cooler that can easily handle most Macbook computers.  This fantastic Macbook cooler is well designed for home use, with an underbelly which will sit nicely on your bedsheets or on your lap.

It’s sleek looks will also fit nicely in to an office environment, so if you use your Macbook for work as well as pley, this may be an ideal solution.

The big downside of the Belkin F5L028 is that it has the lowest cooling capacity of my top three Macbook coolers, which might make it a poor choice if you do a lot of graphical work or play games on your Macbook.

Despite the low cooling capacity, the Belkin F5 L028 Macbook cooler maintains it’s strong position on this list because it just looks so damn good, while being well designed enough for easy use around the home!

Zalman NC2000 Silver Macbook Cooler

While most of the Macbook coolers I have talked about so far have been more aesthetically motivated, the Zalman NC2000 silver not only looks good, but it also provides powerful and silent macbook cooling.

Zalman is one of the world’s best known computer cooling providers. They are known for unbeatable efficiency, unbelievably low noise levels, and long lasting reliability. Buying a Zalman notebook cooler is a great way to guarantee powerful Macbook cooling with low noise levels and a professional design perfect for home or office use.

A great addition to the Zalman NC2000 is it’s utility. With a combination of a fan speed wheel, on/off switch, and a four port USB hub, you have plenty of utility. The size of this laptop cooler is also perfect for 17 inch widescreen laptops!

One thing you will notice about the Zalman NC2000 is the feel of quality.  The 3mm thick aluminum supported by a rugged but lightweight plastic frame make this a durable laptop, but also help transport heat quickly away from your laptops problem areas!

The one area where the Zalman  lacks, is that it does not look quite as casual as other Macbook coolers.  It is also not as flexible whne being used around the home.  For many though, this is a small trade off for such a fantastic notebook cooler!


Bamboo Laptop Cooler

A Bamboo Laptop Cooler? Yes it Does Exist!

Bamboo Laptop Cooler

Bamboo Laptop Cooler

I never thought I would see this, but there is a growing trend in Bamboo Laptop Coolers. Bamboo is not a particularly effective transmitter of heat, and it is not one of the strongest materials. The good news however is that Bamboo is very light, fairly cheap and unlike plastic and metal, it is an eco friendly renewable green resource.

There are a variety of bamboo laptop coolers out there, and there is a huge difference in quality out there. The best ones I have found are Macally laptop coolers.

For instance the Macally ECOFANPRO. This green friendly laptop cooler has three heaight settings, two 70mm fans, and a thermal coating which helps transfer heat, despite the material of construction.

The Macally ECOFANPRO will never win any awards for laptop cooling performance or low noise levels.  If you are wanting to cut down that carbon footprint, and maybe cut down on petroleum use.

If you have a standard laptop then this laptop cooler will do an adequate job. If you want silent laptop cooling, or you have a high powered laptop, then this may not be for you.

One thing I do love about the Bamboo laptop coolers out there is how they look, I have always liked the natural look, and this reverses the trend for high tech styled laptop cooling accessories.