Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim It’s no secret nowadays that having a laptop cooler is one of the most essential accessories you can buy for your laptop.  It improves your laptops performance, reduces temperatures and increases the effective life of your laptop.

Unfortunately, for those who live work and play on the move, carrying around this bulky accessory simply isn’t possible.

The good news is that Cooler Master have come to the rescue, with the insanely thin Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim!

Though it’s large enough to support a 17 inch laptop, the design of this lightweight laptop cooler is focused on portability. Right down to the USB pass through port and cable grooves, this accessory has been cleverly designed to be as functional as possible for those who need a portable laptop cooler.

Though it’s lightweight, this cooler is surprisingly sturdy, and can survive the day to day jostle it may encounter when it’s slipped in to your laptop bag!

This laptop cooler is only 1.5 lb in weight and around 46mm high, even at it’s highest setting. Meanwhile a large 160mm fan provides a constant strong and quiet airflow to help keep your laptop cool!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a laptop cooler for your Mac or PC, this will keep your notebook computer safe!

Cooler Master X Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Slim Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Slim Laptop Cooler

I don’t often give much thought to cheap laptop coolers simply because they are not usually very good. The Cooler Master X Slim laptop cooler on the other hand is not only cheap, but it is also ultra thin, highly portable ,and surprisingly high quality.

These great features alone make this an ideal portable cooler for laptops, probably the best. Before you get too excited though, the thin portability does come with a few downsides!

To start with it’s large frame can easily hold a 17 inch laptop, while it does not have the most efficient cooling design, it is more than enough for most laptops.

Inside the frame there is a slim 160mm fan that is very quiet, but still shifts a decent amount of air.   The fan works surprisingly well, but it may not be enough if your laptop generates a lot of heat, or you use it for gaming.

Feature wise the first thing you will notice is the design.  It has plenty of space to store USB cables, and has two height settings to give you a little ergonomic benefit. The USB cable also includes a USB pass through port so you don’t lose valuable USB space on your laptop.

All in all the Cooler Master X Slim is one of the best laptop coolers on the market for those who really value portability. while this will never really compete with more powerful laptop coolers in terms of performance, the Cooler Master X Slim makes up for that with it’s quiet yet solid performance.

Top 3 Quiet Laptop Coolers

The Top 3 quiet laptop coolers brings you three of the most silent fan based laptop coolers available, giving you high quality quiet laptop cooling without sacrificing cooling ability.

Quiet laptop coolers

Quiet laptop coolers

If you laptop suffers from overheating you will undoubtedly end up looking for a laptop cooling solution.  Finding a quiet laptop cooler is not always as easy as it seems though.

For those of us who regularly use laptops for work, quite laptop cooling is incredibly important. Loud fan noises can be irritating, and disturbing when you are trying to work. If we don’t deal with overheating laptop issues however, we stand to lose all of our data, an even bigger issue!

With my Top 3 quiet laptop coolers I will be bringing you three fantastic laptop coolers which will keep your computer cool, but won’t whine, whirr or annoy you while you try to use your laptop.

While quiet laptops are generally up to par on keeping even high spec laptops cool, if you are using an extremely powerful gaming or draughtsmans laptop, you may need a more poweful laptop cooler to deal with the intense heat that these machines can generate!

3) Thermaltake Massive23 Quiet Laptop Cooler

The Thermaltake Massive23 Quiet Laptop cooler sports an insanely huge 23cm fan, one of the largest available.  This allows it to move a large amount of air with some sweet-on-the-ears low noise levels. The cooling performance of the Thermaltake Massive23 is the least of all three notebook coolers here, but it still provides a strong enough airflow to keep most laptops a little cooler.

What I really love about the Thermaltake Massive 23 is it’s design. It has been well crafted for both for portability and usability.  It is large enough to support the biggest laptops, and it’s shape, and even it’s handles make it really easy to use, and slip in and out of your laptop bag.

The look of the Thermaltake Massive23 is really great, but it’s flashy sleek style with a blue LED might be a little bit too much for business users.

Both the biggest benefit and downfall of the Thermaltake Massive23 quiet laptop cooler is it’s price. While it is by far one of the cheapest of the best laptop coolers, it also contains relatively cheap components, which does mean it might not stay quiet for as long as other notebook coolers.

2) Antec 200 Notebook Cooler

The Antec notebook cooler 200 is well established as one of the best quiet laptop coolers on the market.  While it is let down a little by it’s plastic frame and slighly cheaper components, it is still a reliable, sturdy, light and above all quiet laptop cooler.

As with the Massive23, the Antec 200 look s a little bit too much for business use.  The blue LED light and angular plastic moulding might look good for tech fans, but it might seem a little out of place in an office environment.

The Antec 200 quiet laptop cooler has a large 200mm fan, which provides adequate cooling for most laptops, and does not create a huge amount of noise.

While the Antec 200 is made primarily of plastic (something I normally avoid in a notebook cooler) it is surprisingly sturdy, of high quality.  The lack of a heat dissapating aluminum frame is definitely a drawback, however the high quality fan helps make up for this by sheer force of airflow.

1) Zalman NC3000U Quiet Laptop Cooler

The Zalman NC3000U is simply the best combination of powerful yet quiet laptop cooling.  It’s 3mm thick aluminum frame suported by light yet sturdy plastic means the Zalman NC3000U is portable, yet still a highly effective quiet laptop cooler.

The benefits of the Zalman NC3000U are immense, the aluminum frame dissapates heat effectively, the large 220mm internal fan provides a large amount of airflow, without the noise, and an inbuilt fan speed wheel, 4 port USB hub, and on/off switch help make sure you have all the utility you need.

Even better, the Zalman NC3000U is the only laptop cooler on this list which really does look professional.  It would not look out of place on an office desk, in a meeting or at a presentation!

While the Zalman NC300U was a slightly more pricey option than other laptop coolers, it recently dropped below the $50 mark, bringing it in to the same price range as other laptop coolers, without dropping in quality. And the Zalman NC3000U really is all about quality. Precision enginerring, and fans designed to last up to four times longer than cheaper laptop coolers make the Zalman NC3000U well worth the pricetag!

Choosing the Best Quiet Laptop Cooler

Choosing the right laptop cooler for you is as much about your personal tastes as it is about cooling capability.  All three of thse can keep a standard laptop cool, without creating much noise.  The big difference on each one is the looks. While the Zalman NC3000U is best for both professional and gaming laptops, those who just want a little extra quiet laptop cooling for thir computer may prefer one of the other laptop coolers based on looks.

Top 10 Best Laptop Coolers

The Top 10 Best Laptop Coolers brings you 10 reviews of the greatest laptop coolers available. Whether you want silence, power, or just a laptop cooler bigger enough to fit your behemoth gaming laptop, we can help!

Zalman N3000U Laptop Cooler

Zalman N3000U Laptop Cooler

Top 10 Best Laptop Coolers Introduction

Writing my top 10 best laptop coolers was, I have to admit a daunting challenge, there are hundreds of laptop coolers out there, but the real problem is choosing the order of the final top 10.  All of these are the best laptop cooling solutions on the market, but the truth of the matter is that the best laptop cooler for you, will be more down to what you need (Silent laptop cooler vs powerful laptop cooler vs business laptop cooler) than the order my list is in.

While I do have some personal favorites, I urge you not to skip straight to the top 3, because there might be your perfect laptop cooler match anywhere in this list!

The Top 10 Best Laptop Coolers

And so we begin with the top 10 best laptop cooler reviews, 10 undoubtedly supreme laptop cooling accessories which can save you from data loss, hardware damage, and even complete hardware failure!

10) Xpad Slim Laptop Cooling Pads

The Xpad slim is a passive laptop cooler that provides increased airflow to your laptop, without using fans.  The passive nature of the Xpad slim means that it probably wont give much extra cooling to overheating or high spec gaming laptops. For people who just need a something to keep the airways clear around the home, on the bed, or on your lap, this is a perfect solution.

What makes the Xpad slim so good for lap use is that the ‘pad’ is actually heat resistance, keeping your laptop cool no matter how hot your laptop gets.

The design of the Xpad slim is simple, but effective, it is great at bringing cool air without interuption, which does help keep your laptop cool. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide much additional cooling, but it does help keep the airways clear and ensure your laptops inbuilt cooling performs as it should.

While the Xpad might not be one of the most efficient laptop coolers on the market, it is is a cheap and simple way to keep things running a little more smoothly.

9) Cooler Master NotePal Ergostand Laptop Cooler

The Cooler Master NotePal Ergostand laptop cooler is also pretty weak on the cooling, however it makes it on to the top 10 best laptop coolers list because it is highly versatile.

The Cooler Master NotePal Ergostand might not be particularly powerful, but it is exceptionally silent, and it’s adjustable five height settings make sure you can use your laptop the way you want to. The adjustable height settings can hold a laptop up to 17 inches in size. even at the full elevation of the notebook cooler.

The versatile height adjustable NotePal Ergostand and it’s low noise fan make it perfect for home use on warmer laptops.  While it is not quite as easy to use in different locations as the Xpad slim, it does have a little more cooling power, which is definitely needed if your laptop begins to get a little too hot.

The Cooler Master NotePal Ergostand laptop cooler has some great extra utility, including a 4 port USB hub and rear wire clips.  However it’s largest utility is simply in it’s ability to tilt the laptop to a degree that is the most comfortable for use.


8) Targus Lap Chill Mat

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is a great mix of efficiency and home use. You can use this great laptop cooler on your lap, but dual fans help provide a great airflow, and it’s metal grid helps dissipate the heat effectively. The base of the Targus Lap Chill Mat has a soft comfortable padding, protecting your lap from both heat and discomfort.

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is designed for 15 inch notebooks, but you can just as easily fit a standard sized 17 inch notebook cooler. It’s large size also helps make sure your laptop gets a constant airflow through the sides and up to the base of your laptop, no matter where you are using it.

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is a basic, simple laptop cooler.  While it does not quite match the higher quality components of other laptop coolers, the Targus Lap Chill Mat is more than adequate for most people who need a little extra laptop cooling. It definitely falls in to the ‘average category, but it is one of the best average laptop coolers out there.

The simple design of the Targus Lap Chill Mat is also it’s downfall.  It has little in the way of utility. No on/off switch, or even a USB pass through port, which is bad news for people who have a limited amount of USB ports available on their laptop.  If you just use your laptop as a laptop around the home, this could be perfect.


7) Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler

The Zalman NC2000 is one of my favorite laptop coolers of all time.  While there is a newer Zalman notebook cooler out there, the Zalman NC2000 is still a fantastic laptop cooler in terms of cooling power and silent laptop cooling.  The Zalman NC2000 is a little more powerful than the Zalman NC3000,  however it is a little bit louder.  To the common ear though, both these Zalman laptop coolers are as good as each other.

The Zalman NC2000 has a 3mm thick aluminum frame, with two high quality silent running fans keeping up a high powered airflow, without the noise. The frame itself provides fantastic heat dissipation, while remaining lightweight enough to keep the Zalman NC2000 portable.

The Zalman NC2000 is a fantastic quiet laptop cooler, but it is a little more expensive than many of the other laptop coolers, but with twice the fan life expectancy, it is a highly recommended investment. Best of all, the Zalman NC2000 doesn’t sacrifice laptop cooling power to perform it’s silent cooling.


6) Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

The Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk is a fairly weak laptop cooler, but it’s really benefit is in it’s utility. If you have a real overheating issue then the Logitech N700 is probably not the one for you.  For people who use their laptop around the home (and definitely for those who like to watch movies or listen to music) the N700 provides the renowned Logitech sound system right to your laptop, conveniently built in to your laptop cooler.

The Logitech N700 only has a small single fan inside of it, and it is made of plastic, so it is not the most efficient laptop cooler ever.  It does provide better airflow than just leaving your laptop on the bed, but it can’t do a huge amount to cut down on overheating laptop problems. Using even a basic laptop cooler like the Logitech N700 can help prevent overheating laptop issues. Especially those caused by blockages of your laptop air vents.

If you just need to keep your laptop a little bit cooler, and want to improve the media capabilities of your laptop, then the Logitech N700 speaker lapdesk is a great laptop cooler to benefit your home, and provide a little extra boost to your home entertainment.


5) Belkin F5L025 Laptop Cooling Pad

The Belkin F5L025 is a simple but smart looking laptop cooler that provides simple and portable lightweight laptop cooling.  The Belkin F5L025 doesn’t win any prizes for high powered cooling, but it is more than suitable for cooling a basic laptop, and it’s smart styling is great for those who want a business laptop cooler.

The Belkin F5L025 looks great, and while it’s small fan doesn’t provide a huge amount of cooling, it does cool quietly. It’s thin design also helps make this a great laptop cooler, since it can easily be transported in a laptop bag.

The F5L025 comes with an inbuilt four port USB hub as well, which is pretty useful if you have an array of USB devices.


4) Thermaltake Massive 23 Laptop Cooler

The Thermaltake Massive 23 LX Laptop Cooler is designed to keep even the largest laptop cool.  At a surprisingly cheap price, and with surprisingly good looks, the Thermaltake Massive 23 provides good cooling, and a few nice design tweaks that increase the usability of this fantastic notebook cooler.

To start with the structure of the Thermaltake Massive 23 LX provides enough space for nearly any size of laptop.  This contains a similarly large 230mm quiet fan. This can help keep your laptop cooler, without loud fan noise. However my favorite feature is handles on both sides of the Massive 23 LX, which make it really easy to transport, and slip in and out of your laptop bag.

The look of the Thermaltake Massive 23 LX is fairly high tech, mostly thanks to it’s blue LED  which shines out from underneath the fan, this looks pretty cool but is not for everyone.


3) Antec 200 Notebook Cooler

With the Antec 200 notebook cooler you can get some fantastic laptop cooling with yet another high tech laptop cooler.  While the Antec 200 might not match up to the Thermaltake Behemoth, it is still capable of holding laptops up to 19 inches in size. While the Antec 200 might be made of plastic, it is surprisingly high quality, and very effective at cooling.  The plastic also has the added benefit of being very lightweight.

Using a 200mm fan, the Antec 200 has a large silent fan to keep your laptop cool, without sacrificing airflow. This is helped by the wire mesh that helps distribute heat away from the worst hot spots on your computer.

The Antec 200 also has a blue LED light that gives it the high tech look, helped by the styling of the plastic framework.


2) NZXT Cryo LX Laptop Cooler

The NZXT Cryo LX is the powerful laptop cooler for people who need high intensity laptop cooling.  If you have a gaming laptop, or just any laptop that has overheating issues, the  NZXT Cryo LX will vastly reduce the operating temperatures of your laptop.

The aluminum construction helps spread heat and can support laptops up to 19 inches in size, and the three internal 120mm fans provide a huge amount of airflow to keep your laptop cool, and your hardware safe.

The NZXT Cryo LX does have a trade off.  The 3 fans do make it a little bit more noisy than some other notebook coolers.  This is unfortunately an expected trade off of the increased airflow it provides.

The Cryo LX is a powerful laptop cooler, and may be more than most notebook PC’s need.  But if you do run your laptop to it’s limits, this is one of the best ways tto keep your computers temperatures low!


1) Zalman NC3000U Best Laptop Cooler

The Zalman NC3000U is one of the best laptop coolers. It’s closely related to the exquisite Zalman NC2000, but with one 220mm fan instead of two 120mm fans, it runs much more quietly, with barely any trade-off in airflow and cooling capacity. The Zalman NC3000U makes it in to the number one spot of my top 10 best laptop coolers because it covers all the bases. It is quiet, it is powerful, it is reliable, and it looks good!

The framework of the Zalman NC3000U provides 3mm thick aluminum supported by a lightweight plastic under-frame. This easily supports up to 19 inch widescreen laptops, and it will keep nearly any overheating laptop cool.

What I really love about the Zalman NC3000U is the quality.  It contains a high quality fan, it is made out of high quality brushed aluminum, and you should never have the problems of ‘flluttering’ or ‘whirring’ fan noise from the silent fan in the Zalman NC3000.

This is the perfect laptop  cooler for most people, it’s only real downside is that it has a moderately high price tag.  Fortunately with a lifespan twice as long as some of it’s competitors, this is well worth the initial hit to your wallet.


Logitech N100 Laptop Cooler

Logitech N100 Laptop Cooler

Logitech N100 Laptop Cooler

The Logitech N100 is a suave Laptop cooler. In this review I will be covering both the pro’s and con’s of this elegant looking laptop cooler.

While the Logitech N100 really is a good laptop cooler in many respects, it is important to point out that the N100 is not a high performance laptop cooler. Rather it is designed to provide a portable lapdesk for your laptop around your home, with a little extra cooling.

The structure of the Logitech N100 is a lightweight plastic. This is surprisingly strong, and great for using on your lap, bed, or desk. Unfortunately this lightweight plastic does not transfer heat particularly well.

The fan inside the Logitech N100 laptop cooler is very quiet, for the most part you will not notice that it is running. Unfortunately unlike quiet notebook coolers such as the Zalman NC3000U, the fan in the N100 is not particularly powerful.

Utility-wise, the N100 is also a little disappointing. It has no functionality to speak with, this does however mean it uses very little power, perfect if you like to lounge around your home away from power outlets.

What makes the N100 a good laptop cooler is how easily it can be used anywhere around the home, and how it’s shape makes it ideal for even the worst ‘air blocking’ situations.  It allows you to rest your laptop on your legs or on your bedsheets, without losing any airflow at all, perfect if you like to chill out and watch a movie before you go to sleep.

All in all I would not recommend this laptop cooler for people who are seriously trying to solve an overheating notebook problem. However, It’s good looks and great design make it a fantastic choice for people who just want a little extra protection as they use their laptop around their home.

While the Logitech N100 has its problems, it does occupy a niche which may be prefect for many laptop users who just want a simple way to provide a little extra overheating protection.

Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200 Laptop Cooler

Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200

Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200


Two of the most popular laptop coolers that I have reviewed have to be the Zalman NC3000U and the Antec 200 laptop cooler. These two laptop coolers have a lot in coming, but people often find themselves having a hard time decided which of these notebook coolers is actually best for them.

To help people decide which of these laptop cooling accessories they should choose, I will be breaking down the features of the Zalman NC3000U and the Antec 200 in a side by side comparisson!

If you want to find out more about these laptops you can find some amazing Antec notebook coolers and Zalman notebook cooler reviews!

Laptop Cooler Reviews – Zalman NC3000 vs Antec 200

Looks – Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200

To start this off I will go over one of the most basic features of these two laptop coolers, looks. One of the biggest differences is that the Zalman NC3000 and the Antec 200 look vastly different, and one may appeal, while the other may not.

The Zalman NC3000 for isntance has a sleek, professional design. It would not look out of place in an office, and it is perfect for those who love an efficient style.

Antec 200 Laptop Cooler Review

Antec 200 Laptop Cooler Review

The Antec 200 is a little bit more high tech looking, and definitely for those who like a moer futuristic look.  The Blue LED light and overall design certainly make it look a little more advanced than it’s competitor.

Structure Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200

The structures of the Zalman NC3000U and Antec 200 notebook cooler are also pretty different. Both of these notebook coolers are however more than capable of handling large notebook coolers up to 19 inches in size.

The Zalman has a 3mm thich aluminum frame, perfect for dissipating heat, and surviving bumps and drops. This makes the Zalman NC3000U sturdy and lightweight, perfect for those who want a portable laptop cooler.

The Antec 200 laptop cooler on the other hand has a plastic frame. While this is cheaper and lighter than ALuminum, it does make the Antec 200 a little less effective and a little more prone to damage.

Fans – Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200

The fans in both the Zalman NC3000U and Antec 200 are high quality, however the Zalman’s fan does beat the Antec fan significantly.

The Zalman NC3000U has a 220mm fan, as opposed to the 200mm fan in the Antec 200, and Zalman’s fan also has a longer lifespan, and higher RPM, all while being a little bit quieter. This is not to say that the Zalman NC3000U is better because of it’s fan, you will be paying a little bit more on the price tag for the higer quality fan.  For some though, an extra few dollars now will save more dollars down the road.

Utility – Zalman NC3000U Vs Antec 200

Unfortunately the Zalman NC3000U beats the Antec 200 hands down on utility.

The Antec 200 might bring a blue light to the table, but it does not even provide a USB pass through port, and only a 2 speed fan toggle.

The Zalman NC3000U on the other hand has a variable fan speed wheel, an on off switch, a power indicator light and a 4 port USB hub, which is compatible with a power adapter (sold seperately).

This makes the Zalman an easy decision for those who need a little bit more than just a laptop cooler, especially if you continually run short on USB space!

Price Zalman NC3000U vs Antec 200 Laptop Cooler

The Antec 200 notebook cooler does beat the Zalman NC3000U on price, but it is a close call, and you will often find better deals on the Zalman NC3000U which actually beat the price of the Antec 200.

Conclusion on NC3000U Vs Antec 200 Laptop Coolers

Choosing between these notebook coolers is not that easy, a lot of it comes down to personal style. Technically the benefits of the Zalman NC3000U far outweigh the Antec 200 notebook cooler, and as the Zalman NC3000U drops in price, the choice is becoming increasingly easy. For some people however the Antec 200 is a great looking accessory, and since you will be using this notebook cooler for years to come, you definitely want to make sure that you buy a notebook cooler that you are comfortable with.

Zalman NC2000 Laptop Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Laptop Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Laptop Cooler

The Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler is the World’s most popular laptop cooler, and with good reason.  This top laptop cooler has fantastic cooling, and it has whisper quiet fans to keep things cool and quiet!

When it comes to efficient and quiet laptop coolers there are not many laptop cooler brands which come close to Zalman.  With their high quality components you get great performance and long lasting reliability.

The Zalman NC2000 is a fairly old notebook cooler, and has been superseded by the Zalman NC3000 series. Despite this it is still a fantastic laptop cooler in it’s own right, and is the perfect choice for many owners of overheating laptops.

First off, the structure of the Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler is a strong and durable plastic base, with a 3mm thick aluminum cover.  This helps to reduce the overall weight of the Zalman laptop cooler, without reducing it’s laptop cooling ability.

Inside the strong Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler structure are two silent but powerful fans. These laptop cooler fans are extremely high quality, and can last two to three times longer than cheap laptop cooler brands.  They will also remain silent for years to come, and will not develop a rattling or fluttering noise.

The overall design of the Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler is incredibly god.  The aluminum cover has nearly a thousand air holes to ensure consistent airflow, without the whistling sounds that come with mesh covered laptop coolers. It also comes with some great features, including a USB pass through port, so you don’t lose any of your limited notebook USB ports. On top of this you get a fan speed wheel, to let you adjust fan speed for when you need it, and an on off switch, useful if you need to conserve power on the move.

The Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler really is one of the best laptop coolers out there. IF you are willing to spend a little bit more for a lot more, then the Zalman NC2000 is going to be for you.  While there are cheaper laptop coolers out there, you may suffer from higher noise levels, a shorter fan life, and much lower laptop cooling capacity.