Cooler Master Storm Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master Storm

Cooler Master Storm

The Cooler Master Storm is one of the newest laptop coolers on the market. It brings together some of the newest technology available to give you a cooler laptop, and most uniquely, a USB 3.0 hub!

What I do like about this top laptop cooler is just how well designed everything is, this really is a laptop cooler which has had a lot of thought put in to it, and unlike cheap laptop coolers, corners have not been cut.

To start with the overall structure of the Cooler Master Storm is very well made. It uses a sturdy plastic construction to keep weight down, and portability high, with a large aluminum mesh to help you transfer heat away from the hottest spots on your laptop. It’s large size also makes it ideal for laptops up to 19 inches in size, and that’s widescreen!

The design helps a little bit more with overall portability by including a built in carrying handle, which might not seem like a big deal for many, but is perfect for those who work or play on the move.

Inside the well crafted body of the Cooler Master Storm sits two large 140mm fans, while these are not as high quality as those found in Zalman laptop coolers, they are still very quiet, but don’t have quite the same epic lifespan of Zalman fans. The good news is that these fans are powerful enough to keep most high spec gaming laptops cool.

The features of the Cooler Master storm really are what make this one of the best laptop coolers.  It is the first laptop cooler to incorporate a USB 3.0 hub, which is a pretty big deal for those who like to stay on the cutting edge.  As well as the technological benefits, teh Cooler Master Storm laptop cooler also comes with a beautiful 7 color lighting system which realy does look amazing!

All in all the Cooler Master Storm Laptop Cooler looks fantastic and lives up to the reputation of the entire Storm series. While in many ways this notebook cooler is a little average, the care, attention and quality, makes this a fantastic choice for many laptop owners!


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