Cooler Master X Slim Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master X Slim Laptop Cooler

I don’t often give much thought to cheap laptop coolers simply because they are not usually very good. The Cooler Master X Slim laptop cooler on the other hand is not only cheap, but it is also ultra thin, highly portable ,and surprisingly high quality.

These great features alone make this an ideal portable cooler for laptops, probably the best. Before you get too excited though, the thin portability does come with a few downsides!

To start with it’s large frame can easily hold a 17 inch laptop, while it does not have the most efficient cooling design, it is more than enough for most laptops.

Inside the frame there is a slim 160mm fan that is very quiet, but still shifts a decent amount of air.   The fan works surprisingly well, but it may not be enough if your laptop generates a lot of heat, or you use it for gaming.

Feature wise the first thing you will notice is the design.  It has plenty of space to store USB cables, and has two height settings to give you a little ergonomic benefit. The USB cable also includes a USB pass through port so you don’t lose valuable USB space on your laptop.

All in all the Cooler Master X Slim is one of the best laptop coolers on the market for those who really value portability. while this will never really compete with more powerful laptop coolers in terms of performance, the Cooler Master X Slim makes up for that with it’s quiet yet solid performance.

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