How to Make a Solar Powered Laptop Cooler

Whether you want to conserve your laptop battery, or you are trying to reduce your home power usage, a solar powered laptop cooler sounds like a fantastic idea.  The downside is that nobody actually makes one.

The good news is that any laptop cooler can be turned in to a solar powered laptop cooler, simply by using a cheap 5V solar powered USB charger. These cheap devices generally cost around $30 and can charge your iPohne, MP3 player or camera as well as pwoer your laptop cooler!

To make a solar powered laptop cooler you can really use any of the best laptop coolers available, and simply insert the USB cord in to the solar charger, rather than your laptop!

This sounds too quick, too easy, but the honest truth is that it really is that simple.

Just remember, for this to work effective you really need good sunlight, if you work in a room that has poor light, or live somewhere that is not really that sunny, a solar powered laptop cooler is never going to work particularly well.

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