Logitech N100 Laptop Cooler

Logitech N100 Laptop Cooler

Logitech N100 Laptop Cooler

The Logitech N100 is a suave Laptop cooler. In this review I will be covering both the pro’s and con’s of this elegant looking laptop cooler.

While the Logitech N100 really is a good laptop cooler in many respects, it is important to point out that the N100 is not a high performance laptop cooler. Rather it is designed to provide a portable lapdesk for your laptop around your home, with a little extra cooling.

The structure of the Logitech N100 is a lightweight plastic. This is surprisingly strong, and great for using on your lap, bed, or desk. Unfortunately this lightweight plastic does not transfer heat particularly well.

The fan inside the Logitech N100 laptop cooler is very quiet, for the most part you will not notice that it is running. Unfortunately unlike quiet notebook coolers such as the Zalman NC3000U, the fan in the N100 is not particularly powerful.

Utility-wise, the N100 is also a little disappointing. It has no functionality to speak with, this does however mean it uses very little power, perfect if you like to lounge around your home away from power outlets.

What makes the N100 a good laptop cooler is how easily it can be used anywhere around the home, and how it’s shape makes it ideal for even the worst ‘air blocking’ situations. ┬áIt allows you to rest your laptop on your legs or on your bedsheets, without losing any airflow at all, perfect if you like to chill out and watch a movie before you go to sleep.

All in all I would not recommend this laptop cooler for people who are seriously trying to solve an overheating notebook problem. However, It’s good looks and great design make it a fantastic choice for people who just want a little extra protection as they use their laptop around their home.

While the Logitech N100 has its problems, it does occupy a niche which may be prefect for many laptop users who just want a simple way to provide a little extra overheating protection.

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