Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

Logitech N700 Speaker Lapdesk

The Logitech N700 is the latest laptop cooler to be released be released by one of the most stylish computer accessory providers in the world.

The Logitech N700 is not just a laptop cooler. To begin with it is well designed to sit on your lap, which slips it in to the ‘lap desk’ sub category.  But what really makes the Logitech N700 special is it’s two high quality speakers built in to the frame. Logitech is well known for providing quality audio accessories, and the Logitech N700 Lapdesk is no exception.

The actual cooling capability of the Logitech N700 speaker lapdesk is a little sub-par compared to many other laptop coolers.  This makes it unsuitable for extremely hot laptops.

The good news is that for most average laptops the N700 provides an amazing combination of flexibile use around the home, and much improved audio sound.

The utility of the Logitech N700 comes from it’s padded base.  This means you can use your laptop on your lap, on your bed, or even on the floor without worrying about your airvents becoming blocked, and fans becoming damaged.

The Logitech N700 looks great, and while it looks fantastic on all laptops, it’s sleek curves make it particularly ideal for Macbooks, perfect for those who want a Macbook cooler.

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