nzxt cryo lx laptop cooler review

nzxt cryo lx laptop cooler review

The NZXT is one of the world’s most powerful laptop coolers on the market. It is well designed to provide some of the greatest laptop cooling to even the most powerful laptops.

Most modern laptops have overheating issues which can severely harm performance, and even cause permanent component damage. This is particularly true of high powered gaming and industrial laptops.  Apple laptops also suffer from overheating issues, and with their high price tags, it is well worth paying a little extra to protect your laptop from overheating.

The NZXT Cryo LX is a fantastic powerful laptop cooler, which has been well built with high quality components. These are placed in to a well built design which is maximized to dissipate heat away from your laptop and keep it safe from overheating.

To start with the structure of the NZXT Cryo LX is maximized to give a large surface area, and it’s thick aluminum construction means that it can quickly transfer heat away from the worst heat spots that your laptop has to offer. It has some rubber risers, to provide adequate airflow beneath the base of your laptop, without creating any airpockets (which could trap heat).

The NZXT Cryo LX is also large enough to support and cool up to 19 inch widescreen notebooks. This large size is perfect for those people who like to have both a large and powerful laptop, whether they need it for work or play. Despite being large, it also has a great folding design

Supporting the large size and efficient design, the NZXT Cryo LX has three large 120mm fans. These high quality fans provide plenty of airflow, and continuing cooling to keep your laptop cooler than it has ever been before. There are very few laptop coolers out there which match the amount of air moved by three 120mm fans, and even less which have the same build quality as the Cryo LX.

As well as being a large and powerful laptop cooler, the NZXT Cryo LX has also been well designed to provide a lot of utility, with four USB ports to help expand your laptops limited USB ports, not jsut keep it cool.

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