Top 3 Gaming Laptop Coolers

A powerful gaming laptop cooler can help prevent overheating, and even maintain your gaming laptops performance!

Gaming Laptop Coolers

Gaming Laptop Coolers

Not all laptop owners need additional cooling for their computer. If however you are a gamer, you might want to look in to the range of gaming laptop coolers available.

A Gaming laptop suffers from more overheating issues than a standard laptop. They generally contain more powerful, hotter, components, and they also tend to run more intensive programs which use the hotter components to their full capacity.  While gaming laptops will usually have a little more internal cooling than your basic laptop (Maybe a heatpipe to take heat away from your GPU/CPU), they are still limited by the cramped space and limited airflow capacity.

A little external laptop cooling can help reduce the internal heat of your laptop, and help distribute heat away from the hot spots underneath your laptop. This gives a double benefit. It protects the expensive powerful components inside your laptop, and by keeping these components cooler, it allows them to run a little bit faster.  Ever notice your games becoming a little laggy after half an hour of gaming? it is the heat that is causing those issues.

With my Top 3 gaming laptop coolers I will be showing you three of the very best laptop coolers for powerful gaming laptops. Any one of these laptops can help keep your laptop a little cooler and vastly improve both the lifespan and performance of your gaming laptop.

3) Zalman NC3000U Gaming Laptop Cooler

The Zalman NC3000U is by far the most quiet notebook cooler out there capable of keeping a gaming laptop cool. It’s large internal 220mm fan combined with a 3mm thick brushed aluminum frame makes sure that this fantastic gaming laptop cooler can dissipate heat quickly and effectively, without creating a huge amount of noise.

The Zalman NC3000U is one of the best laptop coolers out there, period. Unfortunately for some of the most powerful laptops it doesn’t provide as much power as some of the other laptop coolers on this list.

Where the Zalman NC3000U excels is it’s overall utility, if you use your laptop for work as well as play you will definitely find the low noise levels useful, and the fan speed wheel means you can switch on the highest cooling power when you need it, and drop the level of noise to practically nothing when you do not.

The one thing you can rely on with the Zalman NC3000U is that it is an incredibly high quality laptop cooler.  From the construction to the fan, everything is built to perform, and to last.

2) Cooler Master Storm 19 Inch Laptop Cooler

The Cooler Master Storm 19 inch laptop cooler is a beautifully crafted gaming laptop cooler which provides great airflow with two 140mm fans, a unique mesh surface for heat dissipation, and a color changing LED, which doesn’t really have any affect on cooling, but looks damn cool. In addition to these features you can actually change the location of the fans themselves, so you can get the extra airflow where you need it.

The Cooler Master Storm is designed with gamers-on-the-move in mind.  It can easily support a 19 inch laptop, but with an inbuilt carry handle, and a solid construction this fantastic cooler can easily be transported with or without a laptop bag. As part of the design for gamers, the Cooler Master Storm is one of the first laptop coolers to incorporate a USB 3.0 hub, giving you ultra fast data transfer through the USB ports.

The Cooler Master Storm also has a fan speed wheel, perfect for if you want to take the noise levels down a notch when you have to switch from gaming to work.

In my opinion the Cooler Master Storm is one of the best looking laptop coolers I have reviewed, and while it might not be suited to the business style, it is perfect for gamers!

1) NZXT Cryo LX Gaming Laptop Cooler

The NZXT Cryo LX Gaming Laptop Cooler is one of the most powerful laptop coolers available to buy. It contains three 120mm fans within it’s sturdy aluminum frame, which provides a vast amount of airflow for even the hottest of gaming laptops.  If you have a high end gaming laptop this 19 inch laptop cooler can help provide the cooling you need to keep your laptop hardware cool, and your games running smoothly.

The large aluminum frame of the NZXT Cryo LX makes it perfect for laptops up to 19 inches widescreen in size, the aluminum also helps quickly transfer heat away from the hottest areas of your laptop.

The NZXT Cryo LX is often regarded as the best laptop cooler for gamers, while it is not quite as quiet as the two other contenders on this list, it definitely makes up for the fact with it’s fantastic laptop cooling performance.

Despite the bulky look of the NZXT Cryo LX it can actually be folded, greatly reducing the size for portability, and helping to protect those fans from damage during transit.

While these are my favorite gaming laptop coolers, there are hundreds of laptop coolers out there to choose from. Explore the rest of Laptop Cooelr Reviews to find reviews of some of the best laptop coolers available!

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