Top 3 Macbook Coolers

Macs are fast becoming one of the most popular personal laptops in the world. They look good, they are easy to use, and plus, you have geniuses instead of mere technicians ready to fix your computer at a moments notice. Unfortunately overheating Macbooks are just as common as laptops, and with laptops such as the Macbook Air, which are much thinner than standard laptops, Macbook coolers are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Three Best Macbook Coolers

The good news is that there are some fantastic laptop coolers for Macs out there which will help keep your laptop cool even during the hottest of summers, with the thinnest of Macbooks!

I will be bringing you three fantastic Macbook coolers which look good with your Mac, and help keep your computer safe from overheating issues, which include

  • Slower performance
  • Errors
  • Loss of data
  • Hardware Failure

A simple $30 – $70 investment could help prevent all of these issues, keeping your Macbook running fast and safe!

Logitech N700 (or N100) Macbook Cooler

The Logitech N700 is a great 17 inch laptop cooler combined with some fantastic Logitech speakers to give you high quality sound, as well as acooler laptop.  While the Logitech N700 is fine for Macbook cooling, it is not the most powerful laptop cooler on the market. On the other hand, the Logitech N700 is well designed for resting on the bed, or in other areas around the home where your laptops air vents may otherwise become blocked.

The Logitech N700 also comes in the form of the N100, which does not have the speakers, but is the same in nearly every other respects!

One thing I do like about the Logitech N700 is how unobtrusive it is. The curved stylings fit in very well with my Macbook, and the internal fan runs very quietly, which is good news for those who use their laptop to surf the web or work.

The Logitech N700 is well designed for someone who uses their laptop around the home, whether you want to chill out on your bed and check your email, or watch a movie.

Belkin F5L028 Macbook Cooler

The Belkin F5L028 might not have the easiest name to remember, but it is a good looking Macbook cooler that can easily handle most Macbook computers.  This fantastic Macbook cooler is well designed for home use, with an underbelly which will sit nicely on your bedsheets or on your lap.

It’s sleek looks will also fit nicely in to an office environment, so if you use your Macbook for work as well as pley, this may be an ideal solution.

The big downside of the Belkin F5L028 is that it has the lowest cooling capacity of my top three Macbook coolers, which might make it a poor choice if you do a lot of graphical work or play games on your Macbook.

Despite the low cooling capacity, the Belkin F5 L028 Macbook cooler maintains it’s strong position on this list because it just looks so damn good, while being well designed enough for easy use around the home!

Zalman NC2000 Silver Macbook Cooler

While most of the Macbook coolers I have talked about so far have been more aesthetically motivated, the Zalman NC2000 silver not only looks good, but it also provides powerful and silent macbook cooling.

Zalman is one of the world’s best known computer cooling providers. They are known for unbeatable efficiency, unbelievably low noise levels, and long lasting reliability. Buying a Zalman notebook cooler is a great way to guarantee powerful Macbook cooling with low noise levels and a professional design perfect for home or office use.

A great addition to the Zalman NC2000 is it’s utility. With a combination of a fan speed wheel, on/off switch, and a four port USB hub, you have plenty of utility. The size of this laptop cooler is also perfect for 17 inch widescreen laptops!

One thing you will notice about the Zalman NC2000 is the feel of quality.  The 3mm thick aluminum supported by a rugged but lightweight plastic frame make this a durable laptop, but also help transport heat quickly away from your laptops problem areas!

The one area where the Zalman  lacks, is that it does not look quite as casual as other Macbook coolers.  It is also not as flexible whne being used around the home.  For many though, this is a small trade off for such a fantastic notebook cooler!


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