Top 3 Quiet Laptop Coolers

The Top 3 quiet laptop coolers brings you three of the most silent fan based laptop coolers available, giving you high quality quiet laptop cooling without sacrificing cooling ability.

Quiet laptop coolers

Quiet laptop coolers

If you laptop suffers from overheating you will undoubtedly end up looking for a laptop cooling solution.  Finding a quiet laptop cooler is not always as easy as it seems though.

For those of us who regularly use laptops for work, quite laptop cooling is incredibly important. Loud fan noises can be irritating, and disturbing when you are trying to work. If we don’t deal with overheating laptop issues however, we stand to lose all of our data, an even bigger issue!

With my Top 3 quiet laptop coolers I will be bringing you three fantastic laptop coolers which will keep your computer cool, but won’t whine, whirr or annoy you while you try to use your laptop.

While quiet laptops are generally up to par on keeping even high spec laptops cool, if you are using an extremely powerful gaming or draughtsmans laptop, you may need a more poweful laptop cooler to deal with the intense heat that these machines can generate!

3) Thermaltake Massive23 Quiet Laptop Cooler

The Thermaltake Massive23 Quiet Laptop cooler sports an insanely huge 23cm fan, one of the largest available.  This allows it to move a large amount of air with some sweet-on-the-ears low noise levels. The cooling performance of the Thermaltake Massive23 is the least of all three notebook coolers here, but it still provides a strong enough airflow to keep most laptops a little cooler.

What I really love about the Thermaltake Massive 23 is it’s design. It has been well crafted for both for portability and usability.  It is large enough to support the biggest laptops, and it’s shape, and even it’s handles make it really easy to use, and slip in and out of your laptop bag.

The look of the Thermaltake Massive23 is really great, but it’s flashy sleek style with a blue LED might be a little bit too much for business users.

Both the biggest benefit and downfall of the Thermaltake Massive23 quiet laptop cooler is it’s price. While it is by far one of the cheapest of the best laptop coolers, it also contains relatively cheap components, which does mean it might not stay quiet for as long as other notebook coolers.

2) Antec 200 Notebook Cooler

The Antec notebook cooler 200 is well established as one of the best quiet laptop coolers on the market.  While it is let down a little by it’s plastic frame and slighly cheaper components, it is still a reliable, sturdy, light and above all quiet laptop cooler.

As with the Massive23, the Antec 200 look s a little bit too much for business use.  The blue LED light and angular plastic moulding might look good for tech fans, but it might seem a little out of place in an office environment.

The Antec 200 quiet laptop cooler has a large 200mm fan, which provides adequate cooling for most laptops, and does not create a huge amount of noise.

While the Antec 200 is made primarily of plastic (something I normally avoid in a notebook cooler) it is surprisingly sturdy, of high quality.  The lack of a heat dissapating aluminum frame is definitely a drawback, however the high quality fan helps make up for this by sheer force of airflow.

1) Zalman NC3000U Quiet Laptop Cooler

The Zalman NC3000U is simply the best combination of powerful yet quiet laptop cooling.  It’s 3mm thick aluminum frame suported by light yet sturdy plastic means the Zalman NC3000U is portable, yet still a highly effective quiet laptop cooler.

The benefits of the Zalman NC3000U are immense, the aluminum frame dissapates heat effectively, the large 220mm internal fan provides a large amount of airflow, without the noise, and an inbuilt fan speed wheel, 4 port USB hub, and on/off switch help make sure you have all the utility you need.

Even better, the Zalman NC3000U is the only laptop cooler on this list which really does look professional.  It would not look out of place on an office desk, in a meeting or at a presentation!

While the Zalman NC300U was a slightly more pricey option than other laptop coolers, it recently dropped below the $50 mark, bringing it in to the same price range as other laptop coolers, without dropping in quality. And the Zalman NC3000U really is all about quality. Precision enginerring, and fans designed to last up to four times longer than cheaper laptop coolers make the Zalman NC3000U well worth the pricetag!

Choosing the Best Quiet Laptop Cooler

Choosing the right laptop cooler for you is as much about your personal tastes as it is about cooling capability.  All three of thse can keep a standard laptop cool, without creating much noise.  The big difference on each one is the looks. While the Zalman NC3000U is best for both professional and gaming laptops, those who just want a little extra quiet laptop cooling for thir computer may prefer one of the other laptop coolers based on looks.

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