Zalman NC2000 Laptop Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Laptop Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Laptop Cooler

The Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler is the World’s most popular laptop cooler, and with good reason.  This top laptop cooler has fantastic cooling, and it has whisper quiet fans to keep things cool and quiet!

When it comes to efficient and quiet laptop coolers there are not many laptop cooler brands which come close to Zalman.  With their high quality components you get great performance and long lasting reliability.

The Zalman NC2000 is a fairly old notebook cooler, and has been superseded by the Zalman NC3000 series. Despite this it is still a fantastic laptop cooler in it’s own right, and is the perfect choice for many owners of overheating laptops.

First off, the structure of the Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler is a strong and durable plastic base, with a 3mm thick aluminum cover.  This helps to reduce the overall weight of the Zalman laptop cooler, without reducing it’s laptop cooling ability.

Inside the strong Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler structure are two silent but powerful fans. These laptop cooler fans are extremely high quality, and can last two to three times longer than cheap laptop cooler brands.  They will also remain silent for years to come, and will not develop a rattling or fluttering noise.

The overall design of the Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler is incredibly god.  The aluminum cover has nearly a thousand air holes to ensure consistent airflow, without the whistling sounds that come with mesh covered laptop coolers. It also comes with some great features, including a USB pass through port, so you don’t lose any of your limited notebook USB ports. On top of this you get a fan speed wheel, to let you adjust fan speed for when you need it, and an on off switch, useful if you need to conserve power on the move.

The Zalman NC2000 laptop cooler really is one of the best laptop coolers out there. IF you are willing to spend a little bit more for a lot more, then the Zalman NC2000 is going to be for you.  While there are cheaper laptop coolers out there, you may suffer from higher noise levels, a shorter fan life, and much lower laptop cooling capacity.

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