Zalman NC3000 Laptop Cooler Review

Zalman NC3000 Laptop Cooler Review

Zalman NC3000 Laptop Cooler Review

The Zalman NC3000 is an amazing laptop cooler which provides fast, efficient, and near silent laptop cooling. As with all Zalman notebook coolers, the Zalman NC3000 series combines high quality components with a thought out design to provide maximum laptop cooling capacity, without increasing noise levels.

These simple features make it one one of the best laptop coolers, but there is a lot of detail in this laptop cooler review as to just how good this simple accessory is at giving you a significantly cooler laptop.

To start with the Zalman NC3000 series has two children in it’s family.  You can opt for the Zalman NC3000U or the Zalman NC3000S.  You don’t really need to worry about this too much, the only real differecne is that the Zalman NC3000U has a couple of extra USB ports.

So what makes the Zalman NC3000 laptop cooler so special, and why is it head and shoulders above many of the notebook coolers on the market today?

The major thing is of course the quality, and the first time you pick this up, you will feel the quality of the Zalman NC3000. It’s 3mm thick aluminum casing is both strong and durable, as well as being an excellent heat conductor (Getting that heat away from the laptop’s hottest spots fast).  The construction also includes over 1000 air holes to ensure your laptop gets maximum airflow, without creating the ‘whistling noise you can find with some laptop cooler brands. The size of the structure is also surprisingly large, making it perfect for laptops upp to 19 inch widescreen in size.

Continuing on with quality, the Zalman NC3000 series comes with a huge 220mm silent fan.  This high quality fan lasts for twice as long as most regular laptop cooler fans, and it does not develop the fluttering sound you will often get on cheaper laptop coolers. This high quality fan gives you silent and pwerful airflow to your laptop cooler.

While the Zalman NC3000 series provides you with high powered quiet laptop cooling, there are a few more benefits.  A Fan speed wheel, on off button, and power indicator light are useful, and the USB Ports are also fantastic. the Zalman NC3000S has a USB Pass through port, while the Zalman NC3000U has an inbuilt 4 port USB Hub.

Choosing which of the Zalman NC3000 models is best for you is not exactly a difficult choice, for some people the inbuilt USB hub is worth a few extra dollars, for others it is not.

No matter which one of these you choose though, the Zalman NC3000 is an amazing Laptop cooler which combines high quality cooling with the low noise levels you need if you often use your laptop for work.



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