Zalman NC3000U Notebook Cooler Power Adapter (ZM AD100)

Zalman NC3000U Power Adapter

Zalman NC3000U Power Adapter

The Zalman NC3000U is one of the best laptop coolers out there. ┬áIt is fast, silent and it has a USB hub placed discretely in it’s aluminum/plastic frame. The only problem is that if you need to plug in a lot of devices which draw power through the USB ports, they may stop working.

Buying the optional Zalman NC-3000u notebook cooler power adapter, the ZM AD100 helps deliver that power to your notebook coolers USB hub, allowing you to charge your phone, your iPod, and your digital camera without a problem!

While you can buy the Zalman notebook cooler power adapter, many people opt for a cheaper unbranded power adapter, you just have to ensure that it matches the Zalman AD100 power output to avoid damage to the USB hub in your Zalman NC3000U.


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