Why Buy a Laptop Cooler

Why Buy a Laptop Cooler

Why Buy a Laptop Cooler?

This site is all about laptop cooler reviews, and helping you get a good laptop cooler deal.  So lets face it, we might appear to have a little self interest.  But let me give you some rock solid reasons as to why you should buy a laptop cooler!

To start with, let me go over why you need a laptop cooler to begin with, after all, a laptop has fans inside right?

The problem begins with the ever escalating power of a laptops internal components.  Faster processors, larger ram, and increasingly large hard drives, and of course the vast power to graphics cards.  These are all steadily increasing in power, but they are also steadily increasing in the amount of heat they output.

Unfortunately little has been done to combat these rapidly growing laptop overheating issues. High end laptops may have a couple of heatpipes leading heat to the external vents, but in most standard laptops you will still find the same fans that powered laptops over a decade ago.

Because of this your internal laptop hardware is often exposed to heat.  This problem is often exaggerated as dust and fluff get trapped inside your laptop, reducing airflow even further and clogging up components such as your CPU heatsink. While regular clearing with compressed air can help this, it never fixes the root problem of overheating components.

Overheating laptops can suffer from a range of problems, including

  • CPU Errors and Failure
  • Hard Drive Failures and Errors
  • Memory Failure and Errors
  • Graphics Card Failure and Errors
  • Reduced performance
  • Loss of Data
  • And More!

The good news is that the little extra cooling provided by a laptop cooler can significantly reduce overheating issues, and with our laptop cooler reviews you can quickly find the best laptop cooler to suit your style, and your laptop.

Laptop Cooler Reviews

Our laptop coolers will try and cover vertain areas of laptop cooling to help you find the perfect laptop cooling solution for an overheating laptop.

Structure in Laptop Cooler Reviews

the structure of a laptop cooler is very important.  Aluminum and copper laptop cooler constructions are not only more durable, but also much more conductive than plastic laptop coolers.  Most of my laptop cooler reviews favor aluminum laptop coolers simply because they are lightweight, and incredibly efficient at helping take heat away form teh problem areas of your laptop.

Fans in Laptop Cooler Reviews

High Quality fans last longer and have less problems than cheaper laptop cooler fans.  I strongly sugggest buying a laptop cooler that comes with some high quality silent running fans.  Low quality fans not only last a shorter amount of time, but they also have a tendency to develop an annoying rattling or fluttering sound, or even a high pitched whine during intensive use.

Higher Quality fans remove these issues, and can last up to three times longer than basic laptop cooler fans.

Utility in Laptop Cooler Reviews

Utility can be a deciding factor between two high quality laptop coolers.  Our laptop coolers will tell you the side benefits, which can include anything from a simple usb hub, to an external hard drive!


By choosing your laptop cooler carefully, with the aid of our laptop cooler reviews, you will be able to find the perfect mix of utility, cooling power and qooling silence that you need to prevent laptop overheating!

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